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LINUX - does it also have a backdoor?

Started by Theo Gottwald, November 18, 2013, 06:27:49 PM

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Theo Gottwald

NSA demanded by the Linux inventor a backdoor

QuoteLast week took place in the European Parliament held a hearing concerning mass spying. Were pre-loading the software industry representatives to answer members' questions. Here the father of Linus Torvalds Nils Torvalds made ​​an interesting statement. He is in fact MP for Finland in the EU Parliament. He said the NSA has asked his son Nils install a backdoor into the GNU / Linux operating system.

Read More: NSA demanded by the Linux inventor a backdoor


Gary Beene

Hey Theo!
There's a big difference between "demanded" (title of the article ) and "asked" (content of the article).  When articles mislead the reader by using inaccurate headings, it hurts the credibility/ of the author/publication.

There was plenty of information about what NSA did, so the author didn't have to resort to such mis-wording to create a reasonable article.

Brice Manuel

Quote from: Gary Beene on November 18, 2013, 08:55:11 PM
Hey Theo!
There's a big difference between "demanded" (title of the article ) and "asked" (content of the article).
Not when the NSA is the one doing the asking.  Their "ask" is a "demand".

Theo Gottwald

Thanks, as a non native english speaker i am still learning these fine differences.
You want to say that NSA "would like to" instead of "they forced them to" ...?
In these cases where we "do not really know whats behind", i personally think its wise to act like somebody who "does not know if a burglar is in the house".

What do you do "if you do not know IF a burglar is in the house?"
You act like he is there. If he is not, you have been safe and it was funny.