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WinLIFT 5.00 the 64-bit version

Started by Patrice Terrier, September 19, 2013, 07:03:49 PM

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Patrice Terrier

This is the first demo of WinLIFT 5.00, compiled in 64-bit.

The name of this demo is Buttons, it matches exactly the PB's Buttons.exe provided with the trial version.

As a matter of comparison...

PB 32-bit
Buttons.exe (53,248 bytes)
WinLIFT.dll (221,696 bytes)

C/C++ 64-bit
Buttons.exe (71,768 bytes)
WinLIFT64.dll (250,368 bytes)

The EXE, the DLL, the resource folders, and the skin theme, are located into the x64\Release folder.
The VS2010 solution: Buttons.sln and WinLIFT64.lib are in the root folder.

Screen shot:

About this demo:

You can change the client background by clicking with the left or right mouse button on the top-left icon (the one, with a green circle around)

You can resize the window to see the WinLIFT's anchor that have been applied to the buttons, and how the image background is stretched on the fly to fit the client area.

You can also see the mousehover effect when moving the mouse cursor over the buttons.

Note: there is no guarantee that the software wouldn't crash, because this brand new 64-bit version has never been checked until now.

So you are the first to try it  :)
Patrice Terrier
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