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Started by Patrice Terrier, August 13, 2007, 11:10:38 PM

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Patrice Terrier

Did you know that they are coming out of deep sea?

Original photgraphy taken with a Canon Ixus, and the artwork is done with PhotoComposer (GDImage).

Patrice Terrier
Patrice Terrier
GDImage (advanced graphic addon)

Jürgen Huhn

QuoteDid you know that they are coming out of deep sea?


i know about the FooFighters that it was a Nickname for UFO`s.. The US Airforce used in the end of second Worldwar this name for one of Hitler`s last secret Weapons.
I`ve learned it at school and a lot of other things about the Nazis, because i wrote a closure about it.
The Germans had plans for bases on the moon already 1930.
To get supplies from around the world on this moon bases they were planning to use the UFO `s
And today i thought to give you a reply, i found a nice link, you can read about it here:


Best Regards,
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Patrice Terrier

Patrice Terrier
GDImage (advanced graphic addon)

Jürgen Huhn

Foo Fighters are classified same Way like your FooFighters here as an undefined and mystic
Object like Alien`s or whatever... Sorry for that!

And i know that`s sounds really unbelievable, but it`s true....

The UFO-Project started by the Nazi, was top Secret and is it until Today in the States.
At the End of the War the highest priority for US Military and the US secret services was to get this Project and also other high technology`s and

secret inovation`s as first, before the clueless ally`s are be able to collect any Information`s about it.
They managed the Invasion for the US combat troops to have them in the important German country areas of technology.
Also the well known Rocket produktion in Penemünde, inclusive "Werner von Braun".

We all know that the US used this technology for they footrace against the Russians to the Moon.
The Russians used same technoligy but most engineering are done by them self, that`s why today the Russians
have defnetly more Know How for space technology.

And sadly "Nikola Tesla" died 1943 in New York! He was the only electromechanical engineer in the States who had a Manual for an UFO.
The proper Plan was to use an UFO for the flight to the Moon. The US Air Force used the german building plan`s for construction
to build a copy of an UFO. Then they made a short flight, lost control and need to build a new one.

They tried up to the 1970`s!

The Years with the most sighting of UFO`s in the Human`s History are 1947 to 1968. Some Years one or two every Month..
So much the better for the US Air Force, if anyone belief on Alien`s who flying around the World!
And then all the exiting Story`s about UFO - Area 51 -
That`s still more entertaining and fit even better in wanted Reality!

Before these sighting Years there are only four sighting`s reported:

On January 25, 1878
On February 28, 1904
1916 and 1926

Than the first in the second World war:
On February 25, 1942, U.S. Army observers reported unidentified aircraft both visually and on radar over Los Angeles, California.

And here are some ex Members of CIA, public authorities and US Goverments who want to tell the real Story: 

All my best,
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Jürgen Huhn

I`m definitively not conform with the ideology of "Adolf Hitler" and his sections of Terrorism!
And by this i can`t also keep quiet about these US american on stage reality.

To keep her created History on stage,  they wil reporting in a few years to the Public
that they have made Contracts with Alien`s to by or get a licence for using the electrical drive mechanism on the Flight to the Mars...

The antigravity mechanism is nothing high technical or spectacular.
It`s based on a simple electrophysical Proberty of any Material or Mass in our Universe.
This is near reality:
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